Nagorik TV Live Streaming - Watch Asia Cup Live 2022 on নাগরিক টিভি

Nagorik TV is a private cable and satellite television channel in Bangladesh. This channel broadcasts various types of programs on Nagorik TV live
Nagorik TV is a private cable and satellite television channel in Bangladesh. This channel broadcasts various types of programs on Nagorik TV live streaming. Besides, the channel has its own website, Youtube Channel, and Online streaming platform.

    A very good news for Nagorik TV viewers. Nagorik TV will live telecast Asia Cup 2022 in Bangladesh beside Gazi TV. However, it started its journey officially on 1st March 2018. Jadoo Media LTD, a private company, owned the channel. On the other hand, this channel's motto is to create bonding with the audience.

    Nagorik TV Live Streaming Programs

    Nagorik Television telecasts different kinds of TV programs, News, Sports event especially cricket, entertainment shows, etc. both the national and international news get priority on their live telecast. Viewers can watch the programs on live streaming. Here is the list of their TV programs below:


    Lots of Bangladeshi dramas are shown to the audience. Usually, the time of the drama starts in the evening and ends at midnight. However, some foreign dramas have also been imported for a few years in Bangladesh.

    Nagorik TV Live Streaming - Watch Asia Cup Live 2022

    Nagorik TV also telecasts a few Turkish daily soaps in Bangla dubbed. These are the name of the drama below:
    • Akash Meghe Dhaka.
    • Bangi Television.
    • Ami Tumi Se.
    • Binbir Gece.
    • Siyah İnci.
    • Chander Hat.
    • Candy Crush.
    • Corporate Bhalobasha.
    • Josnamoyi.
    • Google Village.
    • Ek Pa Du Pa.
    • Lipstick.
    • Shoshur Aloy Modhur Aloy.

    Sports events ( Asia Cup 2022 Live)

    Nagorik TV doesn't stream live sports, but it airs sports-related events. When Bangladesh cricket has international matches, the channel shows special programs. There are discussional programs with formal players.

    Basically Nagorik TV is known as entertainment television in Bangladesh. But recently they brought Asia Cup 2022 broadcast rights from Star sports India. So that, Bangladeshi sports lover can enjoy Asia Cup live streaming on Nagorik Tv which is going to start from 27th August. Asia cup also be shown in GTV live on Bangladesh.

    On the other hand, in the event of the World Cup, Asia Cup, BPL, etc, Nagorik TV arranges various programs. So, sports lovers have many programs to watch on the channel. This channel airs other Sports programs like football as well.


    The channel has given priority to the child audience. So, the children have their own shows and are entertained. They show animation series for children to remember them. Their animation series is Batman and Superman.


    Some kinds of teaching shows are broadcast to make experts in a particular field. Cooking shows, for example, are shown for women or the audience interested in culinary. The cooking programs are: Mariar Rannaghor and Rannar Expert.

    In the shows all types of local and international cuisine are shown. Special guests are also present in the shows with their special dishes.

    Entertainment Events on Nagorik TV

    various sorts of entertaining programs are broadcast on the channel. The audience already liked the programs. Some are fiction, some are real, but all are full of humor. There are some upcoming shows that will be telecast soon. These are the entertainment shows below:
    • Deho Ghori.
    • Bola Na Bola.
    • Bizzcussion
    • Jogfol.
    • Fisfas.
    • Soleman Hazari.
    • Nagorik Binodon.
    • Lifestyle
    Lifestyle programs are about how we can make our lives better from the inside and outside. How to bring changes to our life. What diet chart should we follow etc. These types of programs are the favorite of almost everyone. Ghore Baire is the lifestyle show airing on the channel.


    Musical programs are based on local cinema songs, old or new. Famous singers are also invited to the shows. Live music, concert, and discussion are all shown in the musical programs. Here are the shows:
    • Bajlo Jhumur Tarar Nupur.
    • Nagorik Café.
    • House Views.
    • Music Café.
    • Gaan Baksho.
    • Banglabaul etc.


    Nagorik TV airs news of national and international events, political, educational, sports, etc. The channel shows news hourly. The audience can watch the bulletin news that is always on the tv screen.

    Nagorik TV Youtube Channel

    The channel has its own Youtube Channel. The programs are shown on the live streaming that is uploaded on the channel. So, the viewers who miss any programs can easily get it on the channel.

    Anyone can find their favorite programs on the playlist. Audiences can find old to latest programs on the channel. Therefore, subscribe to the channel to get updates all the time.

    Nagorik TV Website

    Nagorik Television has an official website as well. The website also contains news of sports, politics, education, current affairs, international affairs, etc. All types of audience can find their preferable event on the site. The site is always up to date with the latest news.

    So, anyone who misses the live streaming can view it from the website. One important thing if any audience wants to work as a reporter can apply on the site. For this, one has to sign in and have to be a member of the portal. Then contact them and send some of your work.

    Then the Nagorik TV team will decide whether you will be selected or not. This way, one can earn something.

    Final Words

    Nagorik TV is a reliable and independent TV channel. Their political and religious views are neutral. They always publish authentic news from trusted sources. Besides, the entertaining programs they telecast are outstanding. So, enjoy Nagorik TV live streaming and stay with the truth.
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