How to watch Live Cricket from outside of Bangladesh

Immigrants may think of how to watch live cricket outside of Bangladesh. Nowadays, Bangladesh has a couple of local sports channels besides
Immigrants may think of how to watch live cricket outside of Bangladesh. Nowadays, Bangladesh has a couple of local sports channels besides the government channel. These channels broadcast sports only in Bangladesh.

So, the people who live out of the country are deprived of enjoying live matches. But a VPN can make it easy for outside audiences. So, continue reading to know more about the VPN.

How to watch live cricket outside of Bangladesh

It is a great thing that Bangladeshi people don't have to rely on foreign TV channels anymore for cricket. There was a time when Bangladeshi people had to keep their eyes on foreign channels. Especially for enjoying live cricket matches that were held on international fields.

But those days are past now. Few commercial channels broadcast live cricket matches. All Bangladeshi can watch it for free on TV or Youtube. The channels telecast other sports related programs as well. Even the channels show football matches also.

However, the channels only broadcast live matches in Bangladesh regions. Bangladeshi immigrants cannot enjoy matches from outside of the country. So, here we have come up with a solution. By downloading a PureVPN, people living outside of Bangladesh can view sports. It is free and works on all types of devices.

How to download PureVPN on your device?

PureVPN is a helpful VPN that works effectively. It allows many apps to operate in different regions. That usually doesn’t work in a particular location. By installing such a VPN, the immigrants can enjoy matches on the Bangladeshi channels.

Gazi TV (GTV), T-Sports, Rabbitholebd etc are Bangladeshi commercial channels. That shows live cricket on Youtube or their official pages. But people from other countries cannot watch them. Because these channels don't operate in other countries. So, here is the ways how to make the channels watchable:
  • Download PureVPN on your devices such as desktop, Android or OSX.
  • Give it a few moments to install properly.
  • After a few seconds, the tool will be installed onto your device.
  • Then go to the settings and search for a location.
  • You have to change the location or region.
  • Select "Bangladesh" to view live sports on the Bangladeshi channel.
  • Now you're able to watch live cricket from outside of Bangladesh.
  • Now Visit "GTV Live" or "T Sports Live" for Watch Live Cricket.

Why Choose PureVPN?

There are many VPNs available on online platforms. Usually, it is advised not to download any VPN or third party app onto devices. It’s harmful to let third-party tools enter for devices. Even the phone system doesn't allow such apps. Then why select PureVPN?

Because it is safe to use and not harmful. It will enable many other applications to work in other regions. It never hacks personal information or lets hackers enter. By installing the tool, a user can enjoy lots of features of it. Even it is free of cost. Moreover, users can watch movies from many websites without a subscription.


Hopefully, the Bangladeshis living abroad can view live cricket matches. It is even safer to use VPN than watch from third party links. Before starting a match, turn on VPN and change location. After the live match is finished, we recommend turning off the VPN. No need to keep it on all the time.
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